Commercial Break: See if you spot what's being advertised here

Ooooh... is this a real piece of instore CCTV footage that’s gone viral or is it an ad? Oooohhh! Which could it be?

It’s an ad. But that’s all we’re prepared to say about it, in case we give the game away. What we will say about it is that 60% of Team BW stroked their chins and said “Ah, clever...” when it had finished. See if you do the same – or maybe you’ll kick a chair over and gob at the screen like the other 40% of Team BW did. Cheers Mof.


  • Dacouch
    Funnily enough, I don't need to watch it to know it's an ad for LG
  • Cliff
    The shadows are wrong.
  • Phil76 have 2 and a half people in team BW?
  • Sum t.
    "So…you have 2 and a half people in team BW?" Yes. but only a third can do maths.
  • Dick
    Why not just put up two cameras covering the same area, perpendicular to each other.
  • Tom
    @Dick: If you did that, the advert wouldn't have worked.
  • Jase
    It's really "clever". I understand that it's meant to point out that it's a super slim TV; but if a CCTV's picture quality is that poor (and B+W), he could've worn all black coat and walked out with one of those chunky TV's of yesteryear. Also, it only works on the assumption that staff won't notice a guy slowly walking BACKWARDS in a store and that nothing is sercurity tagged. Although, if it's a DSG store then all the staff are probably busy trying to push diamond-encrusted HDMI cables on someone buying a router.

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