Commercial Break: Rough day or what?

Here’s an ad for French TV network Canal+ which starts off as though it’s plugging some kind of ‘Jack Bauer Power Hour’-type drama overdose but then gets a bit weird as the hero ends up on a production line in a factory. Death surely awaits him.

Or does it? We’re not giving away the twist at the ending but if you manage to guess what’s going to happen, you’re a big fat liar.


  • Chris
    I laughed! Where do you find this kinda stuff?
  • Lumoruk
    Christ, they find it on
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. So, the guy lied about everything so he could attempt copulation with the female in the bed?
  • pete d.
    Do you always have to write "Hi, my name is Brian." It might have raised a rye smile the first time but not for the next hundred times you've done it.
  • Pedant
    His name was Brian, he was a showgirl with yellow feathers in his hair and a dress cut down to there
  • Bullet
    I guessed wrong, I guessed Ikea, ah those crazieeeeeeeeeeee Frenchies eh.

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