Commercial Break: Rob Zombie makes detergent commercial

18 June 2011

Rob Zombie, a man responsible for tunes like Dragula and El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama has decided to take a slight adjustment in his career path. After making some horror flicks, he's now turning his attention to making adverts for detergent.

That's right! Rob Zombie has directed an advert for American washing detergent Woolite, which sees a grotty chap being all nasty and evil to a pink t-shirt, coupled with the warning: "don't let detergent torture your clothes!" As daft as it all seems, it's still hugely better than Iggy Pop's recent foray into insurance advertising with his own version of Scrappy Doo. Or Scriggy Pip if you prefer.

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  • Boris
    So that's what happens at Johnsons! They'll never get their hands on my delicates again.

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