Commercial Break: Put your forestation away eh?

We all know that the Dutch are a pretty liberal bunch but these Greenpeace ads are a bit odd. Aimed at raising awareness for forest-saving, they start off with the typical raunchy striptease scene that we expect most Dutch ads consist entirely of. There’s a girl version and a boy version, so that there’s something for everyone.

But the ending! Oh, the ending! The only phrase we can think of to describe it is ‘human topiary’. We’re pretty sure that it’s Not Suitable For Work, although where we work, here in the BW HQ, pretty much anything goes. Except watching the ends of these ads more than once.


  • Wonky H.
    If you google "minge filled mancream montage" bitterwallet appears top of the results.
  • Nobby
    Be careful if you play them both at the same time and start masturbating. The man one (34s) is shorter than the lady one (56s), and your eyes drift to that one when the punchline is revealed. Just saying.
  • Nobby
    > If you google “minge filled mancream montage” bitterwallet appears top of the results. And if you click on images, there is a picture of princess diana, the people's princess and queen of hearts and all that other bollocks, god bless her.
  • me
    WTF is that Bush real?
  • klingelton
    Ik zou graag het kaaskut.

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