Commercial Break: PS3 ad breaks golden rules... that we just made up

What’s the golden rule of advertising everyone? Of course it’s ‘Don’t try and ape the opening scene from Trainspotting.’ The film is thirteen fucking years old everyone – do you think you’re speaking to a bunch of people who haven’t seen the thing?

The second golden rule of advertising is one we’ve just made up and are only applying to Sony and their new PS3 campaign. The rule is ‘Don’t get someone in to do the voiceover who sounds exactly like Iain Lee, the talentless comedy gonk who was partly responsible for the BBC1 Watchdog hatchet job on the PS3 only last week. It makes you look like cocks.’

Unless it IS Iain Lee, trying to disguise his voice in order to rake in a few more pence before it all goes well and truly tits up…

There you go Sony – we’ll be invoicing you shortly.


  • Adam
    Sounds nothing like Iain Lee!
  • Lain L.
    That sounds absolutely nothing like men my good man.
  • Mark M.
    Maybe he's that bad at doing impersonations of people, himself included
  • cookie
    I've always disliked Iain Lee, ever since I first saw him presenting the 11 'o' Clock Show on channel 4. He's just so.... unnecessary. His entire TV career is just a CV of shite programs. At least he seems to have staying power on the radio, where I don't ever have to listen to him.
  • Gunn
    Not really a bad advert, least it makes sense, unlike the baby and the float ps3 :/
  • Brendan
    I agree, he sounds nothing like Iain Lee.
    Wow sounds like Andy really has issues with Iain Lee. Must be great being a world renowned blog writer ;)
  • Beth
    Does anyone else not think it sound like Nicholas Hoult. (the main guy from skins series 1&2) ?

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