Commercial Break: Proud Aussie provides instant lift for the missus

Australians aren’t exactly renowned for being the most subtle nation in the world, and they don’t let us down at all with this ad for erectile dysfunction. Shunning the rest of the globe, who use Pele as the spokesperson for floppy cock syndrome, the Aussies have gone for a quaint domestic scene instead.

Just look at the pride on the husband’s face. There’s a man who shouldn’t be allowed out when schools are finishing for the day. Although if he got a spot in the Aussie cricket team (and he looks just about fit enough) there’d be no danger of him forgetting his bat.

Number of complaints received: 220. Oh, and Libby Ashby, the actress involved told a Melbourne-based radio station she had been "disfellowshipped" from her local church after appearing in the ad.


  • Mof G.
    I don't know what his problem is. I have an erection, she's well fit.
  • Indy
    The Aussies are blimmin obsessed with erectile dysfunction. Every other add on TV and radio seems to be on about it. Did they get a job lot of Viagra on the cheap recently or something?
  • Tom P.
    Just one word to say, KNOB
  • Steve
    It's no wonder Australians have a problem with erectile dysfunction if their wives all look like her!

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