Commercial Break: Pringles make bizarre Little Hand Tribe ad

Pringles adverts haven't developed much over the years. Basically, you've had 'once you pop, you can't stop' and famous footballers doing kick-ups with them. That's about it. However, Pringles are now branching out into something vaguely surreal.

It appears that Pringles have acknowledged that their packaging is a bit fiddly by inventing a tribe with Beadle-hands. Mercifully, this commercial contains the potential death of an anthropologist - and there's nothing Bitterwallet hates more than anthropologists. We have to get up early to cram all our hatred for Bronisław Malinowski in.


  • PT
    Could use with NSFW in the "tit"le ;)
  • Mike H.
    Mmmmmm, tribal females with small hands and their tit's out. I'm saving that one for the 'bank'
  • Mike H.
    When I say 'tit's' I clearly mean tits. Not that anyone's gonna latch on to that, it's not as if I do or owt.
  • Raggedy
    I've not had this much fun since the video with the girls in the car eating donuts and drinking milk shakes. Mmmmmmm!
  • zax
    WTF was that ?
  • Dick
    So the message from Procter & Gamble is that tribal people (and probably other ethnic groups) are so fucking thick as they don't know about gravity and that they could just rotate the tube.
  • Tony T.
    They'd spill all the precious 'bit's' from the bottom, Dick.
  • Her L.

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