Commercial Break: Please provide your own sneeze-guard

What do you do if you love Chinese buffets but you’re too fat and lazy to get off your arse and go to one? Why you simply get them to come to you. That’s the service that’s being pitched in this ad that has made it to the finals of Rhett & Link’s local commercial awards. Because even lazy hillbillies don’t always want to leave the house.

What’s that? There’s a famine going on where? Our priorities as a race are all what’d up? Bah! DON’T FORGET THE WONTONS!


  • Dick
    I wish they were local to me. I like all their adverts. Not sure how the all you can eat buffet in your home works though. Do they bring everything, then stand and wait for you to eat all you can eat?
  • Dick
    Have a look at the Jaw Dropper category. I thought OMFG when I saw the first one (space guy). Then I saw Christopher Knight. What a star.
  • Sneeze G.
    That's funny. There's a China Star Buffet close by me and I love them! But I love the ads even more! But it's interesting on how they will deliver buffet style food.

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