Commercial Break: Phwoarr! Go berserk for burka bird

Here’s a sexy lingerie ad with a sexy woman in it that’s got a sexy twist. (SPOILER ALERT) She wears a burka!

The message of course (from Liason Dangereuse, the company behind the ad) is that you just don’t know what women (or men) have got on underneath the outer layer of clothing. As the ad’s slogan says: “Sexiness for everyone. Everywhere.”

That moustachioed 70-year-old lollipop lady you drive past on the way to work every morning – she might be wearing Liason Dangereuse. The bag lady you see hurling cheap super-cider down her throat in the park – she might be wearing Liason Dangereuse. Your best mate Trevor, who you’ve been away on countless blokes’ weekends with – he might be wearing Liason Dangereuse. Your border collie Rasputin – in the right circumstances, he might find himself wearing Liason Dangereuse.

Sexiness for everyone. Everywhere.

[Boing Boing]


  • Mike H.
    Burkas leave a lot to the imagination and I mean, a lot.
  • Mullah B.
    How dare you infidels post a video of my No.7 wife.
  • Rumplestiltskin
    My Border Collie wears Agent Provocateur...
  • Nobby
    She's not sexy once she has a burka on.
  • crap
    id berserk her burka all day
  • Mr G.
    Would have been funnier if she'd turned out to be a Lady Golfer. Or John Prescott.
  • Sarko
    everywhere... except France.
  • ButterMan
    Isn't it dangerous to show Mohammed in a bra?
  • Shooter M.
    "Does my bomb look big in this?"
  • Mike U.
    ButterMan, there's no need for a comment like that
  • azmi

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