Commercial Break: Can you see the funny side of cat-kicking?

30 April 2010

Here’s a new ad for Paddy Power bookies that almost looks as though it’s been made specifically to cause some mild outrage, possibly leading to a ban by the powers that be.

It features the double whammy of taking the piss out of the blind as well as the abuse of a harmless little kitty cat. All in good fun though, honest.

On the other hand, if you’re a Darlington fan, you’ll probably find it infinitely more entertaining than some of the shite you’ve had to sit through this season.

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  • Nobby
    If they are going to do ads like that, they should go all the way, and actually show him kicking a cat. It's lame otherwise.
  • MrRobin
    This is the lamest animal kicking recording since the 'She kicked my dog!' Indian prank call.
  • Fubar
    Is that Paddy McGuire (real name Sean Gilder) at the end?
  • dunfyboy
    And when did BW start moderating comments?
  • Codify
    Animal abuse is always funny
  • Awah S.
    Saw this on TV last night, thought it was funny. Bound to be banned.

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