Commercial Break: On today's menu - pancakes and... the fear!

We’re an adventurous bunch here and there’s few places that we wouldn’t like to visit. Burnley is one of them, and the International House Of Pancakes in 1969 is pretty much the only other.

Especially if it was exactly as depicted in this freaky-deaky ad that has been unearthed and plastered all over the internationally-renowned Internet service over the past couple of days.

The visuals are bad enough, with a family slowly barrelling their way across a field towards their nearest IHOP, armed with fistfuls of brightly-coloured balloons. But the soundtrack…

Oh the soundtrack! It’s like ZX Spectrum-era Aphex Twin with Alvin Chipmunk on vocals – if there’s an aural equivalent of the strobe lighting that kicks off epileptic seizures, this must surely be it.

Tell you what though – it’s got us Jonesin’ for pancakes here in our hermetically-sealed underground HQ…


  • Richard
    Seriously, what were they smoking?!
  • Dave
    Almost as good as the banned Kinder Suprise advert!
  • cookie
    I presume this is where Kanye West got the inspiration for all the high pitched sampling in his music.
  • dasher
    about good as the food they serve! IHOP pancakes are actually naff!!
  • joanne
    seriously, i live alone and will have nightmares over this....
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Good post. Has anyone noticed that guy who's in charge at CSI:NY has got funny eyes?
  • andyofyarm
    Evidence we have contact with an alternate universe

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