Commercial Break: Old Spice Man returns to show us all what to do

He’s back. Old Spice Man has returned, just as the men of the world were starting to flap and flounder and wonder just how they are supposed to behave in order to be considered a Real Man.

Here at Bitterwallet, our own Mof has started to go slightly off message and has taken to gathering discarded litter using a spike on a stick while wearing a curiously fetching shade of lippy and eye liner.

It’s a bit of a low-key comeback for Old Spice Man to be honest - there’s a harp that’s been fashioned from the front half of a live goat, some fireworks, a bit of deep sea exploration and some chocolate fondue action while lying on a piano.

Everything feels normal again.


  • Nick T.
    Unless you're all a bunch of gaylords, I really can't see what the fuss is all about. It's just another series of lame, contrived we're-just-so-wacky!" TV ads featuring a generic identikit 'hunk' who'd have difficulty getting a part on Casualty.
  • DragonChris
    Fool. The above video is epic, as is the range. Perhaps you should investigate further as to the origin of said adverts and take them with the pinch of salt as they were intended. Or perhaps, you have just realised you could never be the man he is... I know I wish I was!
  • Nick T.
    I'm well aware of the ads' heritage. I just think it's a crap idea poorly done.
  • C
    This guy is my hero. Blimey, a goat harp!

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