Commercial Break: No Star Wars for VW in 2012. Apart from all the Star Wars of course

2 February 2012

Remember last year’s must-see Superbowl advert? The one for VW with the kid dressed as Darth Vader? Terrific wasn’t it? Fortunately, for their 2012 ad, VW have realised that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE is lazily incorporating Star Wars into their ads and have steered clear of referencing the popular children’s movie.

Instead, they’ve gone for a keep fit-obsessed dog, as a way of building on the cutness factor that made the Vader ad such a hit. Oh yeah, and for no discernible reason, the second half of it is COMPLETE AND UTTER STAR WARS.

When will this madness end? And why does no one seem keen to put Jar Jar Frigging Binks in one of their big-budget ads?

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  • Pip
    Still rather watch Honda's Ferris Bueller ad... no Star Wars in that either!
  • Mike H.
    The dog was an extra in Star Wars.
  • wots w.
    Sporty new VW driving in suburban streets zips off round the corner and flattens a kid on her trike. yeah - very clever ad....

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