Commercial Break: Nike are at it again, this time with Rory McIlroy and Wayne Rooney

3 December 2013

Nike may or may not make the nicest football clobber, but they don't half know how to make an advert. The company are responsible for the greatest football commercial ever (no, not the Brazil players in the airport; it's this amazing film made by No Frills Geezer, Guy Ritchie) and they're at it again with a spot starring Wayne Rooney and Rory McIlroy (and a special guest star at the end).

The action takes place on the fairway.

The advert is called 'Nike Ordem Football: Straight Down the Middle' and has the following description:

"Wayne Rooney surprises Rory McIlroy at the first tee by bringing out the new Nike Ordem Football. Inspired by golf ball design, the Nike Ordem ball has unrivaled flight control through aerodynamic grooves. Flight perfected."

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  • R. S.
    Footgolf. Google it.
  • John
    Who is the special guest?

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