Commercial Break: New crowdsourced Peperami ad sucks

About a year ago, the Peperami people announced that they were ending their relationship with their current ad agency and would be ‘crowdsourcing’ for ideas for their next advert. It sounded like a daring move – seeking out new or hitherto-undiscovered talent that would make Peperami the meat-based snack that we’re all talking about.

Back then, some tosser from Peperami blah blah blahed that "This is not a stunt. As an ongoing way of making our content we are crowd-sourcing. A plumber from Barnsley could enter but so could people with strong serious creative intent."

A year on, and here’s the winning entry. And oh, it’s a load of shite. You won’t be surprised to learn that out of the crowd that was sourced, the winners were a creative director and copywriter, plucked from the guts of adland itself. We don't know what the plumber from Barnsley came up with but it all smacks of being a complete and utter waste of time. Probably much cheaper than the usual way of doing things though.

This week, a Peperami spokesnugget blah blah blahed that "Peperami is a brand which is bold enough to experiment with new ideas and advertising techniques in an increasingly consumer-driven world." Which is obviously a load of bollocks, as thousands of gutted Yorkshire-based plumbers will attest to.

Well done Peperami! Oh, and screw you Peperami.


  • Darren
    yes that was stupid.
  • Rich
    I cant listen in work, so watched it muted...I got the jist of it...seemed to carry on where the last lot must have poop'd on their chips, so I'm happy for them (Peperami that is)
  • PokeHerPete
    You get what you pay for, in this case a pile of shit.
  • Alexis
    Poor ad agency. So they just went elsewhere for a new ad of the kind the previous company would've thought of anyway.
  • tom
    so a plumber from Barnsley can't have strong serious creative intent Wanker tit faced twatnobs
  • Codifu
    For once I agree with you. What a pile of utter wank.

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