Commercial Break: MTV still makes us want to smoke crack. And watch the World Cup.

Another day, another bunch of World Cup-related promos. These ones are from MTV, pretending that they’re not miffed really that right-thinking folk won’t be watching their channel while the ‘festival of football’ is on from June 10th.

There’s a geezer who is neglecting his oversized hamster, a dude who has been eating dog food out of the tin instead of just collecting the tokens on the label and a couple of fellas who fall foul of a magical insect. Obviously.

All straightforward stuff then. If this is the sort of oddness that exists in MTV’s shows, then we’d probably be inclined to watch it, something that we haven’t done since the third series of South Park was on. But we won’t be – we’ll be watching the World Cup. So cock off MTV.


  • That t.
    I'll be watching anything other, than a bunch of over paid cock-ends spit and roll around like little girls at the slightest whiff of contact.
  • Mr G.
    Not watching anything on telly, then...
  • The B.
    I discovered my wife had bought a football tee-shirt the other day, needless to say she'd now having a nice little rest under the patio.

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