Commercial Break: More Old Spice magic on the way

He’s back. The man all other men wish they could be. The way, the truth and the light for men the whole world over. Unfortunately, he still reeks of an unfashionable male-skewed fragrance.

Yes, it’s Old Spice Guy, back for more in 2011. But he’s not really back. Not yet – he’s just here to announce that he’ll be back soon. And let’s hope the new ads are full of the imagination and wit of the originals because there’s a slight whiff of tiredness surrounding the standing-in-a-towel-while-waffling-on shtick now.

Get out there and do something big guy. We need you on a horse again.


  • hmmmm
    Is it me or does he say "adversements" instead of "advertisements"
  • scott
    "it’s VB1 the arrogant little shit’s a nigger" Oh my you've spawned the anti racist lot here on BW. fooking great!
  • scott
    "arrogant little shit’s a nigger" Oh my, you've spawned the anti racists here on BW. Fooking great.
  • Mike O.
    Andy grey would be good for this :)
  • leroy J.
    iphone user do you slag the yellow makers of your turd phone - honestly not even in jest are racial jibes funny, I bet you laugh when you nan falls over - - or when I stick my large black slong into her dried fangina, did a black guy tease you at scholl or give your only girlfriend a proper shafting for which she teased you. lap it up honkey.
  • iphone u.
    @leroy considering im black and own a htc you look a cock from where i stand, oh and put the fucking ganja down before typing shit
  • Politicaly W.
    Its not racist if you have black friends.

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