Commercial Break: Microsoft attempt to go back to the future

25 January 2013

Hello, here’s Microsoft, with a new ad for Internet Explorer, the message behind which seems to be ‘you all used to use this browser twenty years ago – please start using it again. Please?’

It’s sure to spark some lovely nostalgic memories for people who were born in the early 1980s but then again, aligning your product to a bunch of images that are now completely and utterly defunct doesn’t seem like the smartest way to help you barge to the front of the crowd among other browsers.

We’re all going out later to get ‘circumcised penis’ haircuts like the kid in the ad though. They NEVER go out of fashion.

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  • Fat H.
    MS shit their pants in the mid 90's when they realised the Internet was going to be the next big thing. They thought nothing of the Internet until then and rushed out explorer which is still crap.
  • Mustapha S.
    TBF Harry, only chome is really any better than IE10. Safari is worse, no uses Opera and Firefox the biggest joke around. Are we on version 332318 yet?
  • Captain W.
    It's a shame the desktop Opera is trounced by Chrome, because Opera is the dog's for mobile - the data compression makes browsing a far speedier experience. Wish some other mobile browser would compress data ... And yes, MS completely failed to see the internet coming until very late in the day.
  • Mancky
    FF a joke? Only browser that gets rid of all the pesky addons by making them constantly incompatable :p
  • shiftynifty
    Microsoft is dead .....worn out husk of a company....too slow to spot changes ...they are fucked
  • Fat H.
    @shiftynifty: MS have just posted a $6.4bn profit. Hardly worn out.
  • Sicknote
    I fucking love Microsoft and I always queue outside their stores when they release a new version of Office; I just want to be the first in the queue and wet my pants when the doors finally open.
  • Some G.
    Actually Microsoft I used Netscape when I was growing up. And now I'm a massive cunt who uses Safari.

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