Commercial Break: Men. Motorbikes. Magnificent. Maybe not.

13 March 2012

There’s been a never-ending love affair between the male and the motorcycle – well, from since when the two-wheeled fanny magnets were invented at least. There’s something about the idea of having a roaring speed machine between their legs that sends some men a bit potty (usually around the age of 45).

But it’s not all about pretending you’re starring in a remake of Easy Rider or imagining that you’re Ponch from CHiPs. This VW ad tries to shine a light on the darker side of motorbiking, in an attempt to put you off the whole thing and invest in one of their more-boring-but-way-more-reliable Jetta cars.

Makes sense really – unless you fancy dying while acting like some kind of demented dayglo leather wasp.

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  • Sicknote
    There's a lot of gay men trapped in sham marriages - all they want to do is cruise and admire men in leathers. This advert captures all that beautifully and I hope they air it.
  • Mike H.
    What the fuck do VW know about bikes? They can't even make a decent car!
  • blah
    @Mike Hock...."What the fuck do VW know about bikes?"..... VW have actually been looking at ownership of a bike brand for sometime now..

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