Commercial Break: Meaty treat in store for canine Emmerdale fans

Tonight, on the TV, during the Emmerdale ad break, history will be made. An advert will be screened that is aimed primarily at dogs. It’s for Baker’s Meaty Meals, which is primarily a dog food but which actually sounds pretty delicious on its own. Perhaps it’s the use of the word Baker’s that is giving us a kind of woozy, pre-lunch, pie-needing feeling.

The ad will contain special high-pitched sounds that can only be heard by our canine brethren. If successful, we assume that the pet food aisles of Brtitain’s supermarkets will be packed with pooches first thing tomorrow morning, each of them with money clasped in their paws as they try to get some of that lovely stuff that they heard about on the telly.

Here’s the original, untreated version of the ad from last year. If you don’t want your mutt’s mind to be meddled with, turn the TV off at about 7.15pm and show it this instead. You’re welcome.


  • Dick
    Most ads are aimed at bitches any way. I cannot comment about ads shown during Emmerdale Farm, since I have not seen it since Amos and Henry were locked in the cellar of The Woolpack by those naughty boys Steve and Pip. Did they ever get out?
  • Amos
    Sadly Henry did not survive. We were in there for a month and I was forced to eat him. It was only later I discovered the stockpile of crisps and pork scratchings.
  • Wonky H.
    Actually I did survive. We tunnelled out by bumming foxes don't you know. No special effects or stand-ins in those days - all my own work.
  • Amos
    If you survived who was it that I ate?
  • Dick
    Maybe I should try and catch up with some old episodes, and I'll let you know.
  • Mr W.
    Saw it. Was Ruggish. Anybody got any shhashigish?

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