Commercial Break: Less of a gent and more provocateuriness please

We sort of feel duty-bound to present you with this new viral ad campaign video thing for Agent Provocateur lingerie because, well, if we didn’t, you might all kick off. And we’re terrified of the idea of you all kicking off.

Hmm, well that was piss poor wasn’t it? Some tired, lazy David Lynchisms, not nearly enough of the actual lingerie, and the bit at the end with the bloke in the John McCririck nappy-pants almost scared us into punching our monitor squarely in its balls.

Dear Agent Provocoteur, why oh why oh why could you just not get Kylie on the bucking bronco job AGAIN?


  • Amanda H.
    Nanny McPhee is keeping busy then.
  • oldpervyman
    Idont wnat to see some ugly flat chester moose - I want to see sexy buxom wench slowly pulling up short lycra dres to show us the money

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