Commercial Break: Laughing doll freaks us right out

22 October 2010

Please accept our sincere apologies if you were traumatised by our earlier story about the topless solar-powered jiggling 'Disney' doll. Hopefully this advert will make you realise that kids' dolls are lovely, sweet, harmless objects of innocent fun after all...

There. All better now?


  • Paul C.
    Ah, the Bride Of Chucky.....
  • zleet Always used to freak me out.
  • Paul C.
    Christ, zleet. That baby has a bigger penis than me.
  • evil r.
    think nice warm place think nice warm place think nice warm place------not working ------AGHHHHHH!!!
  • Mark C.
    Fucking hell, I'm never going to go to sleep again! O_o
  • Edd

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