Commercial Break: KTC - the ghee for me and thee

If you’re a user of the wretched Twitter and you have been following the riot coverage across the media, you might have seen an outburst of tweets about Sangat TV last night. It’s a Sikh channel that you can find on Sky 487.

We admit that we’re not normally regular viewers but we were glued to its live riot coverage last night, as presenter Upinder Randhawa drove around Birmingham, seeking out incidents, trying to get interviews with suspicious police officers and talking to temple-guarding, spear-wielding Sikhs.

There were a lot of adverts as well. A LOT, with the same ones being played over and over every 15 minutes. This one in particular stood out, for KTC ghee. If you saw last night’s amazing broadcast, this tune will now be a major part of your psyche. Bookmark this page.


  • Fake B.
    Butter Ghee? Fuck me.
  • Dick
    Pros: It's on TV here. Cons: Nowhere near as good as those crazy batshit japanese adverts.
  • Zleet
    847 not 487
  • RoxanneLaWin
    @Rhodri and @themanwhofell have some lovely cover versions up on soundcloud.

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