Commercial Break: Kmart invite you to 'ship your pants'

16 April 2013

Kmart's new advertising campaign hasn't even been on TV yet and their "Ship My Pants" is already going viral. Basically, the customers of the shop appear in-store and say the phrase, which sounds like a dirty action rather than a delivery process.

One says: "Ship my pants? Right here?" with another piping in with "I just shipped my pants, and it’s very convenient!"

Of course, its as juvenile as hell, but we shouldn't be averse to that.

"Most brands are hopeful their videos go viral," said Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler, spokeswoman for Kmart and Sears Holdings. "The humour was irreverent and were pleasantly surprised. Real humour is as funny as you can be, without being offensive."

Naturally, the service that Kmart are selling isn't anything new (the offer to deliver your kecks by post), but it has given us all some toilet humour, which we should always be grateful for.


  • chewbacca
    Ahhhh I get it now.. because ship sounds like shit. Hilarious
  • chewbaccca
    I really don't get why someone is pretending to be me and posting utterly banal comments. If he had half a brain, he'd be saying things like "I am a total cunt" and "Yeah, I shit my pants every day, hur hur".... He doesn't even have a catchphrase. The fucking moon beam. (unless he is me, but then, who am I?) fucksocks
  • chewbacca
    But then again I am always posting banal comments, so no change there
  • chewbacca
    Actually I'm a self-indulgent twat - but then again you knew that.
  • chewbacca
    Banal is my middle name No sorry, correction... anal is my middle name... Thanks Ma!
  • jim
    really no one cares about chewbacca or his impersonators. no one. yep not one solitary fuck is given on that topic
  • Lord S.
    About time we had registration on this site with unique user names. It's been a playground for tossers for too long.
  • Lord S.
    Can I just add, chewbacca is cool
  • Lord S.
    Oh please, spare me.
  • Jack M.
    where can i buy riacin?
  • Dick
    I really hope it backfires. People could go in and ask if they can shit these pants. And if they say yes, then you can do it right there on the shop floor.

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