Commercial Break: Kit Kat poke fun at iPhone

4 September 2013

Kit Kat has decided to poke fun at the hype that marketing teams throw at smartphones and such, with their latest commercial. The chocolate vendors are now describing their products in the same way that people foam over the design and technology of new gadgets.

"Under its sleek exterior we've ensured maximum breakability in KITKAT 4.4. This is due to the refined praline software, crisp waferware and its unique chocolate unibody. Just unwrap, break, snap and enjoy," says the ad. "No matter what kind of break you're looking for, with two mega-bites, four mega-bites or a chunky-bite option, we've got it covered."

So there you have it. Chocolate that is "immersive, confectionary perfectionary" and with a "global reach".

In addition to all this, Google's next version of Android (4.4) will be officially named after Kit Kat, which is destined to make a few fanboys feel really weird.

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  • treboeth
    Incorrect its because the nect Android OS is called KitKat but dont let facts get in the way will you
  • Major m.
    Is this some sort of a post-ironic offering, letting us know how shit kitkat is, and how lame its advertising agency, by recycling a cider ad gently mocking the major rival of its newest suitor. You may have just whored yourself out, getting into bed with google, but its only going to be a one night stand
  • badger
    Anybody else finding it hard to care?
  • Androidfanboi
    Personally moving away from google, cosying up with nestle was the nail in the coffin, google are for some odd reason going to great lengths to prove they are an evil corp.
  • Dick
    You cannot take it literally anywhere, as they melt in hot countries.

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