Commercial Break: Kids, don't take sweets from strange turtles

19 March 2012

Ever wondered what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are up to these days? If this Japanese advert is anything to go by, they’re keeping busy by chasing schoolgirls around a deserted industrial estate, armed with packets of sweets.

You know what - we sort of always had a feeling that it would all go a bit ‘John Leslie’ for those Turtles. Looks like we were right…

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  • Mary H.
    To evade capture, jump into the nearest strangers car and tell them to take you to their house.
  • Boris
    Knock the fucker on his back and have a game of spin the turtle.
  • Dick
    Are there any crazy batshit japanese ads that don't have a weird sexual overtone to them?

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