Commercial Break: Jaw-dropping Japanese mini-mystery

28 June 2010

To Japan we head once more for a Fanta ad, but we haven’t got a frigging clue what it’s supposed to be about. It’s only 15 seconds long but there’s more twists and turns than in an average episode of Lost.

We had to do a double take upon first viewing but it looks as though the kids in it are wearing Sumo gear and we won’t have to pull out some kind of Pete Townsend-esque excuse about researching a book.

Any explanations for the ad will be gladly received…


  • PokeHerPete
    Looks like someone else isn't pleased with the outcome of the "Free laptop if England win the World Cup" deal
  • Dave P.
    The woman is assumedly the children's mum - she goes mental at the large bloke with her kids (who is actually a student studying inexplicably at a children's school - check the other videos in the related videos - and he is so stupid he has never moved up a year) Anyway - she asks where they've been and he says they were at a club. She imagines a nightclub, they drop their pants and reveal it was in fact sumo after school training or something. That's the fanta effect...apparently. (I knew my two years in japan would come in handy one day.)

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