Commercial Break: Japanese tyre company make scariest advert

A Japanese tyre company has decided that there's too many tyre adverts that feature cars driving around mountains or doing skid-pan tests. They're boring. So, how about some horror instead?

The sickos at Autoway think the best way to show off the ability of their tyres is to have the viewer scared witless, with the driver careering through the snow after a nasty apparition.

Have a look.


As you can see, the clip has a health warning, which translates to something like "this video is not for the faint of heart. Please refrain from viewing if you have any mental or physical health problems. You might have to see a doctor after watching this."

Autoway add: "We shall not be liable for any injuries, illness, and damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents either."

So, if you want a tyre that'll get you out of a blood-curdling jam this Christmas, it seems Autoway is the only purchase you should be making.


  • on n.
    You know it's coming but you still shit a brick
  • Dick
    Best advert of the year.
  • Nathan
    I was lucky. I was already sitting on the toilet.

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