Commercial Break: Japanese sell snotrags via unsettling demon baby

5 March 2010

Kleenex. Good for blowing your nose on when you've got a cold and also for mopping up fresh sputum after you've debased your own stomach after a particularly frenzied onanistic session. So what's the best way to sell your tissues?

Well, if you're in Japan, then the best way to herald your product is by having the creepy vocal from the '90s one-hit wonder Opus III eerily cooing over a woman with floating nose-swabs whilst she stares at a demonic baby with bright red skin, green hair and a unicorn tusk protruding from his soft little skull.

Fucking terrifying.


  • pauski
    Oh my God - whatever next demon baby tampon shredding?
  • Si
    What the HELL was that all about?
  • Bullet
    Kreenex tissurez, Hi

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