Commercial Break: It's my Favourite tie

Perplexing bit of vintage commercial here from 1971. For Favourite, a brand of ties. Did people REALLY have a preferred brand of tie back then? Don’t you just go to somewhere that sells ties, point at it and buy it?

How about other everyday items – like bandages? Imagine the scene as a carpenter works on your home (as they often did in 1971)

CARPENTER: “Aaaargh, I’ve sawed my arm and it’s gushing blood. Have you got a bandage?”

YOU: Certainly. It’s a Henderson bandage. That okay?

CARPENTER: A Henderson? You can stick that up your arse pal. I only wear Cougar bandages. I’m a Cougar man till the bitter end.

YOU: Oh. I see. Will you be okay?

CARPENTER: Yes, but I expect there’ll be a lot of blood spurting about the place until I pass out. You’d better cover up that tie.

YOU: Yes, I’d better. It’s a Favourite.

CARPENTER: Thought it was [Faints.]


  • Darren W.
    HEY BW, I have my preferred favourite brand of ties... nothing wrong with having a bit of style!
  • The B.
    Terylene AND Crimplene, bloody hell, no wonder it's your favourite, I aspire to Terylene OR Crimplene but both in the same tie is just pure beyond my price range.
  • The B.
    The carpenter's grammar is terrible.
  • Winifred S.
    "It seems as though you've captured the straight-grained essence of the state of affairs at hand. While numerous appear to have escaped the key concept of everything, that which is expressed higher up is distinct and right on. Clearly I don""t pronouncing that I harmonize on all details; still, I must say you managed to have minded me grounds to ponder many of the tips that I conceived that I took for as truehearted notions in that attentivenesses. Strongly stated, and now for someone like me to ponder a little more connected to a couple of the main points. Summarizin I have to think that you have written many good points."

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