Commercial Break: In the Daily Mail? It must be true then.

Say what you like about its relentless diet of sniping, scaremongering and outright hatred, the Daily Mail knows its own readership inside out and this fantastically knowing new advert for the paper shows that it isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself.

Oh. Apparently it isn’t an advert. Sorry – as you were.


  • andy y.
    advert? says who..other than you. it's catching
  • Fthemail
    better go wash you hands - classic -
  • mo
    catchy song
  • The B.
    Pah, don't trust him, I was told not to trust anyone with a beard who looks slightly foreign by Gary Bushell and it must be true as he doesn't even write for the Mail.
  • Adolph
    The Daily Mail is a marvelous paper and I shall not have a word said against it (otherwise I will have to kill you). I am really looking forward to its celebratory historic reprints, aren't you?
  • Nobby
    Why are the papers so shiny?
  • Easter C.
    [...] from radio and into the world of the press, I enjoyed The Daily Mail song. At the beginning of this week, I was interviewed by BBC Radio Sheffield about The Times charging [...]

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