Commercial Break: Ikea cat ad improved immeasurably by remix

19 October 2010

We’ve all seen the ad where 100 cats are let loose in Ikea – nothing much happens and it’s all a bit dull. Especially when compared to the advert with the coffee-making monkeys.

But now, comedy writer Barry Pilling has pulled off the pranksterish act of overdubbing the equally-yawnsome ‘making of’ video that shows what happens when you release 100 cats into Ikea (as we already know, the answer is ‘not much’)

Luckily, Barry has done gone made it all better...

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  • Robin
    Not sure if this advert was made at the Wembley store or not but went there a couple weekends ago and bought a couple of the Poang chair cushions. They absolutely stank when we opened them up. Damn cats!
  • Richard
    Well that was worse than the original...
  • Matt
    "Barry has done gone made it all better…" Did anyone at Bitterwallet ever have an education?
  • Wibble
    Opportunity Missed. Why didn't he edit in a video of a woman putting one in a wheely bin??? That WOULD have been funny.
  • Theo C.
    Four minutes of cat-related "humour" without a single pussy joke. Pathetic. Do you hear me? I want those minutes back, Bitterwallet.
  • Touchwood
    I like cats

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