Commercial Break GOLD: It's nice to share

Today’s ad (for Guinness) was shoved under our noses by avid Bitterwallet reader A. Gainsborough – it’s one we’ve never seen before, even though over a million other people already have.

So with that in mind, it’s the first in a new spin-off series called Commercial Break GOLD that we’ve just made up, in an attempt to head off any smart arses who are thinking about filling the comment section with toss like ‘Ugh. 2008 called – it wants its advert back’

Screw that bunch – this ad made us laugh, and if you’ve been in a coma for the past couple of years (there’s another one that you can’t use), it might make you laugh too.


  • mizzle
    The initial clip before playing kind of ruins the "punchline" of the ad
  • The B.
    It is old though.
  • hju
    hahaha its funny cause theyre fucking her and theyre drinking the same guiness and even she (the fuckee) is drinking it too
  • DragonChris
    @hju Actually, it's 3 guys drinking it. I don't think she gets a drink (of Guinness)
  • Paul C.
    @hju & @DragonChris - you're both wrong. One bloke is doing her from the arse One is doing her in the mouth. A the final hand is a lady's one who is underneath licking her out. check the nail varnish.

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