Commercial Break: Funny advert sells vegan condoms

This commercial for GLYDE condoms kicks off with a camera, seductively inspecting a woman in her posh underwear. She starts to talk about the best ways to pleasure a woman in the soft lighting.

She says: "There are a million ways to pleasure a woman. You can use your hands. Your mouth. Even toys." She's got a surprise though.

Apparently, GLYDE's condoms are the world's only ethical, Vegan and Fair Trade condom which have never been tested on animals and they've been certified by the Vegan Society. Great news for hippies and no-one else.



  • Lewis W.
    Am I the only one concerned with how normal condoms are tested on animals?! "Clive, go give that Racoon a good rogering, but rubber up!"
  • Clive
    They said I could only do that in my own time.
  • Rob
    Even vegan condoms must end up with meat in them at some point!
  • Mike O.
    Thats given me a bit of a lazy
  • Big M.
    Vegans need the protein. In the mouth.

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