Commercial Break: From Russia with rubber

We’re far from being experts in the world of Russian advertising, but their quick-thinking creatives seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet at the moment. It’s a hymn sheet with a one-line song on it and the lyrics are “fill up a minute with some scantily-lad lasses writhing about” or whatever that is in Russian.

The other day we brought you a Russian airline ad with the aforementioned lasses washing a plane and then themselves and now we’ve got this – a tyre ad with the aforementioned lasses doing some bumping and grinding with a few tyres throw in just in case you’re not sure what it’s all in aid of.

Subtle? No. Effective? We’re not sure to be honest. Tyres? What’s a tyre?


  • Amanda H.
  • Nobby
    A spare tyre is what most British women have round their waist. And the men to be fair ...
  • Pedant
  • Bill H.
    More Snickers, more Coke!

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