Commercial Break: Fresh air for sale in smoggy Hong Kong

Apparently the air quality in Hong Kong isn’t the best. In fact, it’s said that if you can walk in a straight line for one hundred metres without collapsing in a gasping, wheezing heap, you can be the King of Hong Kong for one week. Who says that? We says that.

But now, the people of Hong Kong can say ‘Phooey!’ to air pollution (did you see what we did there? Did you?) and buy fresh air in canisters. Simply slip the attached face mask on, press the button and wahey, here comes a refreshing parp of pure clean air. Superb.

WARNING: Rumours that this might be a spoof ad by Hong Kong clean air campaigners cannot be completely discounted.


  • jim
    Pah; Spaceballs came up with this years ago.
  • Nobby
    It is cheaper to stand behind an attractive lady and breathe in as she farts. The farts of attractive ladies are purer than pure air that has been purified. Be careful it's not a minger (check the face first) or a man with long hair, as their farts are poisonous.

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