Commercial Break: Finger-lickin' weird

We don’t have an actual advert for you today but we hope that this will suffice instead. Actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz has taken it upon himself to devise a new ad campaign for KFC, which he’s pitching directly to the global chicken corporation.

They’d be mad not to snap it up – it’s entertaining, memorable and perfectly conveys the KFC message. We think you’ll enjoy it.


  • Alexis
    Don't get it?
  • The B.
    It's about as funny as everything else he's done, although his grandad being the first man in Britain to face a trial for Nazi war crimes has a certain irony to it, presumably mental cruelty can be passed genetically.
  • Dick
    Why would KFC be interested in an advert with a chicken in it?
  • Dicky W.
    WTF ? Is dis for real?

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