Commercial Break: Fiat have certainly got their knockers following new ad...

16 May 2012

We’re about to call out another company for their crass use of ladies’ womanly breasticles in their pathetic adverts for their worthless products. This time it’s Fiat, who have cynically deployed some 'bangers' in this new advert for one of their cars or something.

What’s more, they seem to have tried to infuse the whole thing with some ‘class’ by ripping off an iconic scene from The Big Lebowski in the hope that they won’t be shamed all round by their disgusting use of what we can only describe as ‘boobs’ in their dismal attempt to flog cars.

Watch at your peril…

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  • peacheyd
    That ad is made of win.
  • Graeme
    I see boobies! I think there might be a penis between them.
  • Boris
  • Rob
    I like doing right arrow, right arrow, down arrow and playing snake. Go on, try it.
  • Dick
    It would bit better if he just ripped her bra off and stuck his face between her tits and went blllllrlllrllrlrllrlr.
  • Who i.
    is the car called Polio?
  • chadwell
    This is the worst video I have ever seen! Whoever thought that a video of a black background with white text saying: "This video has been removed by the user" would help sell Fiat cars?? Those crazy ad-guys!

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