Commercial Break: Electronic recycling by two shouty maniacs

Recycling’s a good thing really isn’t it? But when it comes to recycling your electronic goods, knowing the best way to go about it can be tricky. Sometimes, you could do the environment more harm than good – for example, taking your old microwave into the garden and smashing it to smithereens with a hammer might not always be the best course of action.

Over in Toronto, they’ve hit upon the neat idea of getting a couple of hysterical idiots named Chuck and Vince to run the whole electronic recycling program. They’re doing well so far though – drowning in a sea of electronics at one point in the ad.

They reckon that all the stuff they collect is safely recycled but we wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t just wade into the warehouse spraying fire at everything from a couple of home-made flamethrowers. That’s what we’d do anyway.


  • chuckup
    how about that IBM keyboard I want it - just see with them getting away with saying thanks pretty blonde lady in the uk for some PC touting nonse or woman in comfy shoes to cry sexist barstewards
  • Bill B.
    That's a forwardslash, not a backslash. Fail.
  • PaulH
    Bill you like saying FAIL a lot...your website sucks - FAIL!
  • The B.
    BilGe Bennett, he certainly is.

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