Commercial Break: Don't copy everything you see in adverts. Please.

Hats off to the good people at Miroslav underwear, who aren’t afraid to poo-pooh the traditional methods of advertising men’s underpants (without there being any actual poo-pooh – pretty crucial that).

Yes, instead of showing perfectly-sculpted dudes wandering around with their man-luggage skillfully housed in some tight guy-knickers, they’ve gone for a completely different approach altogether. Sadly, ‘approach’ is the key word for both ads….


  • Shaniaa
    lmao dat dwarf is awesum!
  • samuri
  • graeme
    Hey guys! Seen as you have nothing really intelligent to report on at the moment, If you want a story, there was something about Apple being sued by the whole of the US for 1. Price fixing of iPad eBooks and 2. for being absolute cunts* *made up. (Fucking tit-heads)
  • bananas
    coffin pie ?
  • graeme
    Does this coffin pie have a penis?
  • bananas
    I believe it does. Several.
  • graeme
    Nice, I like penis, I see it everywhere.

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