Commercial Break: Do blue monsters wear after shave?

The ‘I’m on a horse’ Old Spice ad has been lauded and parodied so much that it’s almost become a tired old husk of a commercial, no better than the GoCompare ads. We’re talking shite of course, it’s still amazing.

Now it has been paid what is possibly the ultimate tribute – the Sesame Street cover version. Grover the blue monster takes the lead and the whole thing is delightful, heart-warming and loads of other words that you wouldn’t normally associate with us here at Bitterwallet (weekends make us happy).


  • Paul C.
    That is amazingly good. Grover for Prime Minister. Better than that other muppet.
  • DragonChris
    Love it! The best parody/tribute to the original I've seen :D 2 big thumbs up for both versions! Huzzah!

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