Commercial Break: David Lynch coffee ad - pretty much what you'd expect

10 May 2011

Advertising doesn’t need to be complicated. The trick is to get as powerful a message as possible across to your target audience without making things too complicated. Brevity is important too – in some ways a good advert is like a shot of espresso coffee.

Speaking of coffee, here’s an ad for a new brand of it that has been launched by cinematic genius David Lynch. Obviously, it’s four minutes long and consists almost solely of a conversation between the unseen Lynch and the head of a small plastic doll (also voiced) by Lynch.

What was that about advertising not needing to be complicated…?

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  • Boris
    I need that coffee. Then I can give up the crack.
  • q#bert
    An advert now? The coffee has been for sale for a few years already.
  • charitynjw
    As recommended by paedo-tricians!

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