Commercial Break: Daddy, where do Skittles come from...?

Ever wondered where Skittles come from? Factories? Nope. Have a couple of guesses before you watch this ad and if you genuinely get it right, we’ll give you a prize.

Nah, we won’t really, but stick around, because there WILL be another proper super prize giveaway coming your way very shortly. Bitterwallet – the website that hates to not be always giving…


  • The B.
    I watched a film not dissimilar to this over the weekend except it involved a woman and a horse.
  • zax
    LOL. WTH was that! ahahahaha
  • dasher
    is that a boy or girl giraffe?
  • jez
    Is that a boy or girl giraffe? - Male! 1. 0:03 No hair on the ossicones. 2. 0:05 Look where the skittles are coming from. Too far forward for a female! It's no wonder he's laughing!! lol
  • jez
    Also :) If you look at his arms, they go down quite far. 0:04 - 0:06 This can only mean one thing:

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