Commercial Break: Courtney Loves fake fags

You wouldn’t expect Courtney Love to be brand ambassador for anything remotely socially acceptable. I mean she’s not going to be flicking her rat tails for L’Oreal or smoothing her gnarly track marks with Oil of effin’ Olay, is she?

So the decision to feature Court in a quite stunningly hilarious ad for Njoy e-cigarettes seems just right, somehow. E-cigarettes, with their mystery non toxic vapours, share all the unpleasant/exciting characteristics associated with actual cigarettes, but you can’t chuck anyone off the Megabus for pretending to smoke a clown fag. Similarly, Courtney is disturbing and inappropriate, but she's there, and there ain't nothing you can do about it.

The ad is an undisputed classic, featuring a ravaged, decadent Courtney at the kind of swanky party she would definitely not get on the guest list for, being told off by a haughty dowager for lighting up.

‘Relax’ she growls, like the Oscar nominated badass she is. ‘It’s a f***** Njoy.’

Sheer marketing genius.

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