Commercial Break: Christmas will kill a meerkat

meerkat Prepare yourselves, for we have sad news.

Well, 'sad' is one definition that could apply, depending on where you stand on's irritating meerkats (we'd go for the throat ourselves).

Set your videos, dear reader, as one of the comparison site's most popular meerkats will be axed on Christmas Day, during Coronation Street's jolly festive episode.

The deeply unfunny one-joke meerkat adverts have been going since 2009, even if it feels like at least three generations more.

Possibly wondering what had he'd done wrong in a previous life to end up commenting on such rubbish, Coronation Street executive producer Kieran Roberts said: "Christmas is often a time when big story-lines climax and characters can face a dramatic exit. On Coronation Street we've said farewell to iconic characters such as Hilda Ogden and Karen McDonald in our Christmas episodes and we're planning another heartbreaking farewell this year."

“Meanwhile the departure of an unlikely character this Christmas - one of the meerkats - is also likely to grip the nation.  With such affection for the meerkats, this story has all the makings of a classic Christmas Day exit.”

And there was us hoping a fire would sweep through meerkat manor.

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