Commercial Break: CCTV - not just there for the bad things in life...

18 June 2012

CCTV – the scourge of us all. It seems that we can’t go anywhere without cameras poking their eyes at us, following us around and ‘clocking’ us while we try to mug old ladies or urinate in the doorway of Specsavers.

But, surely these infernal cameras must be capturing footage of nice things as well? It seems that they do, and Coca Cola have compiled some of them and put them in an ad. Weirdly, while watching this, you might get a feeling that something bad is about to happen onscreen, such is the way that our brains have been trained to watch CCTV footage.

No, YOU sod off.

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  • Will
    This is so staged its unbelievable. Fuck off Coke.
  • pedro
    I just did some vomit into my mouth. Thanks.
  • Dick
    Let's look at the world a little differently ... for the price of a coke you could vaccinate 5 african babies against meningitis. Fuck it, I'll have the coke.
  • Martin
    I saw one I that was genuine CCTV footage. I wonder how many others were.

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