Commercial Break: CaterCost don't break the bank with their ad...

CaterCost is a great new company that aims to help caterers squeeze the best, most nutritious meals out of whatever budget they’ve got to work with. Or something.

As Chris Adey from Bistro 46 in Brixham says, “Keeping on top of price fluctuations used to take me hours of tedious calculations adjusting my menu prices, now it just takes a few minutes. Price increases are fed straight to my dishes and the system alerts me when margins have fallen.” He's probably spending most of his spare time surfing now.

As living proof of their skills, here’s CaterCost’s promotional video, which they appear to have banged out for the cost of a bag of frozen turker twizzlers…


  • piffff!!!!!!!!!
    What a skanky advert ...what a skanky geek...eek!....I`m no fanny...yeah right..
  • Natty
    She should have left that belt out of the ensemble, thats Gok fault she looks like sack of potatoes as my mum would say.
  • piffff!!!!!!!!!
    You can tell the sexual connotations ....he`s gestures under the table...and her remark...I`m no fanny........catercost`s hidden sublime message
  • Rob
    I'm no King Dong, but I wouldn't say so in an advert.
  • stillwould
    was there not a belt in her size?
  • Tom
    An attempt to make a viral video, as it stands it has a good chance, not sure wanking chiefs are the best way to market your company though.
  • spelling n.
    turker twisters... mmmmm Imitation turkey twisters?
  • FJ
    I like how the things on the shelf at the beginning are all a bit rude. Clearly intentionally so.
  • Angry R.
    Beans it.
  • great s.
    I would (the specky chick, not the wanking chefs)
  • KFCenthusiast
    I also would... (Specs Rule!)
  • Dr_Spock
    Anyone else spot the Cock soup or Fufu flour??? haha they don't sell that at Tescos :P

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