Commercial Break: brilliant beer science from Hahn

15 March 2012

Science is your friend. It makes your TV a magical talking box and cures you of cow pox. Science is also working hard to make drinking beer a much better experience. And those fiendish swine at Hahn (us neither) have showcased the work done by boffins in their latest commercials. Which happen to be rather funny. Hark as a solution to having you pint spilled is shared.

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Need to locate your beer in a darkened nightclub?

Do you wish you could eat AND drink beer in one go?

Cold beer a problem?


  • iName
    Haha quality adverts.
  • Boris
    I have had Hahn in my quest to try all beer. It was not very good. However, the Adverts are nice so I will drink another bottle just for their efforts here. If everybody in the world did the same then I am sure Hahn would be happy.

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