Commercial Break: Big (toes) in Japan

18 December 2009

As you probably know from the blanket coverage that has been afforded it across the media, today is the 53rd anniversary of Japan joining the United Nations.

To celebrate, and this is in no way a blatant attempt to get a cheap laugh out of a wacky Japanese TV ad, we’re bringing you a wacky Japanese TV ad. But what is it trying to sell or tell us?

The ingredients are thus – a small boy dressed as an 18th century prince singing something or other in a high-pitched voice, accompanied by a gang of what could be big toes but with babies’ faces instead of toenails. Intriguing stuff.

Before you watch the ad, see if you can guess what the product is. Is it…

(a) a digital watch
(b) pasta sauce
(c) lightbulbs

Take a punt and then sit back, click on play and enjoy. Japan – whatever would the United Nations be without them?


  • Kevin
    It's entertaining
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here.
  • Brian
    Brian here (again), i thought i may have been BANNED?
  • Lee
    It worked didnt it? Have you not just got laods of people to talk about and watch an advert :P

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