Commercial Break: Become a Daggerin man and 'ramp ruff'

A couple of months ago, we reported the huge popularity of Clarks shoes in Jamaica, all thanks to a series of hit songs from dancehall icon Vybz Kartel. We’re delighted to bring you more from Mr Kartel today – an advert for his own range of condoms called, erm, ‘Daggerin’.

They come in a range of bright colours and as the lady vocalist in the ad confirms, wearing one will “make you stay longer” – an enormous boon, and here at Bitterwallet, we’re always on the lookout for enormous boons.

As Vybz himself says, “Play safe, ramp ruff till game ova” – cheers mate! Consider us all Daggerin men as of now.


  • Nicholson101
    "she makes me wanna go out and buy some rubbers"
  • The B.
    Daggerin? As in stabbing? As in the commonly used euphemism for @[email protected] 5ex? Hmmm, sounds reasonable, especially considering the attitude to "batty boys" in the aforementioned country.
  • zleet
    It's always a good idea to buy your condoms from a company whose contact details are a gmail address.

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